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Every organization has its unique processes and structures, and purchasing a standard software package is many times not the way to start. This also means that the road to an optimal functioning IT solution is not easy. A wrong solution has disastrous consequences while the right solution gives your company a boost!

In the Netherlands alone, more than 13,000 companies offer IT services, products and or software. So how to choose the most suitable partner?

Kennisplatform ICT helps you in this process. Based on your own requirements we compile a select long list of suppliers that fit your requirements and suppliers who will be a great match to you.

About us

In 2014 we started to assist companies and organizations in their choice for the right IT solutions. We have the knowledge and experience to establish your IT selection process effectively. The enormous supply of IT providers makes it difficult to choose a suitable partner and compose a strong shortlist. How do you know that you’re talking to the most suitable suppliers?

We offer free advice

Why Kennisplatform?

We know exactly which providers and parties can handle your IT issues. We don’t take this lightly, but we look at functional requirements, budget, integration requirements and your set of other requirements.

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