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What is ERP?

ERP is the mother of all software packages. It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and was already upcoming in the early 80s of the previous century. This system connects and automates your business processes. ERP-software connects all those processes – finance, stock management, time management, production, order management and logistics – so all collected data can be used throughout the company. The system has one central database where all data is collected.

What are the benefits of ERP-software?

If an organization says it wants to be more efficient and more productive, they better start with a well chosen and implemented ERP system. It ensures real-time insights, more control over the business processes and it can respond quickly to changes on a customer and industry level. Prevents isolation of IT resources, because ERP works centrally.


What to look for when selecting an ERP package?

Make sure, in the first place, enough time is spent in the preparatory stage.
Involve all users in the preparatory stage
Set realistic requirements for the software
Keep the impact of an ERP implementation in mind