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What is digitization and DMS?

You don’t see that many filing cabinets in office buildings anymore. You do see Document management systems (DMS): They form the new storage where documents can be found easily based on specific characteristics like number, date, code or category. The documents themselves can also be stored in the database, or at a secured (network)location accessible via the database.

Multiple employees can work in the same document at the same time and with version control you can trace who made which edit. Moreover the documents can follow a predetermined path, so they move automatically from one department to another. A document management system increases the findability of documents.

What are the benefits of DMS software?

A well chosen and implemented DMS system ensures:

  • Digitization and archiving of documents
  • Sharing documents
  • Quick access to information
  • No problem finding documents at employee turnover or sick leave
  • Collaboration in documents
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Better workflow
  • Less time spent looking for documents
  • Automation

The first series of DMS solutions from the 90s and zeros were high end solutions suitable for big organizations. The last few years DMS software has become more accessible and is hereby also accessible to SME’s,


What to look for when selecting a DBMS package?

First check which processes need to be digitized
Involve all users in the preparatory stage
Ensure a good interaction between the DMS solution and the financial and ERP software.
Set realistic requirements for the solution
Keep the impact of a DMS implementation in mind