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Kennisplatform ICT: The Matchmaker for Applicants and ICT Suppliers

Welcome to KennisPlatform ICT, the place where both applicants and ICT suppliers come together. Our platform is the perfect matchmaker for those seeking effective contact with potential clients in the ICT industry.

For ICT suppliers, we also offer highly effective options for data selection and market information. KennisPlatform ICT has accumulated a wealth of ICT data from tens of thousands of organizations over the past years. This data has been collected through selection requests from organizations, market research, and telephone interviews.

And this information goes deep. It goes deep enough for us to create an excellent target audience selection for ICT suppliers. So, if you’re an ICT supplier in search of the right customers, you’ve come to the right place!

Software Distribution Technical Wholesale

market share
Other 27%
Exact Globe 14%
SAP Business One 10%
Accountview/Visma 10%
Afas 9%
Maatwerk 9%
Exact Online 8%
King 5%
Cash 4%
Low code/no code 4%

Software Distribution in Construction

market share
Other 23%
Bouw 7 13%
Bouwinfosys 10%
Admicom 9%
Exact 7%
4PS 7%
ENK 5%
Afas 5%
Maatwerk 4%

Here are some practical examples:

At KennisPlatform ICT, we maintain an extensive database of approximately 200 organizations that still utilize AS400. Recently, we successfully approached these organizations for a Low Code batch through targeted efforts. And that’s just the beginning! Our process is ongoing, and following the initial approach, we provide valuable prospects and customers through smart and structured nurturing.

Info on approximately 200 organisations (still) using AS400

We possess information about the current ICT infrastructure of thousands of organizations. For instance, we have insights into whether they employ traditional on-premise systems, hybrid solutions, or operate exclusively through the cloud. By employing intelligent selections, we specifically target organizations that continue to rely on traditional implementations. We introduce them to the advantages of modern solutions such as Workspace 365, Azure, Office 365, and cloud-based ICT. Our efforts have yielded success as we witness an increasing number of organizations transitioning to the cloud.

Furthermore, we have a list of 80 organizations currently utilizing Mamut, a software package that is no longer being developed. By engaging with these organizations, we have already achieved significant results for an ERP partner.

We have details of 80 organisations using Mamut

In the field of security, we possess valuable information about thousands of organizations. We are knowledgeable about their approaches to End-to-End security, MDR, and Awareness. Additionally, we have access to Decision Making Units (DMUs) consisting of CISOs, Security Officers, and Privacy Officers. This enables us to directly connect you with the appropriate decision-makers, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.

We also have a database of up to 7,000 organizations that utilize Exact Online. For these organizations, we have developed a user-friendly reporting and business intelligence (BI) tool specifically tailored to the needs of Exact Online users. With our well-structured approach, we effectively engage and assist these organizations. Furthermore, we offer suitable solutions not only for Exact Online users but also for other platforms. We have also developed similar reporting solutions for Afas, Dynamics 365 F&O, SAP, Business Central, and Dynamics NAV.

Additionally, we possess valuable information about thousands of organizations in the fixed and mobile telephony sector. We not only have knowledge of their contract expiration dates but also their affiliations with specific providers such as KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Eazit, Youfone, and Hello. With this information at our disposal, we proactively approach organizations approximately 6-9 months before their contract expiration. During these interactions, we inquire about the need for an alternative or superior supplier. By doing so, we assist organizations in timely transitioning to a new supplier and effectively promote their products or services to the appropriate target audience.