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What is BI & Reporting?

Every organization has loads of data, but how to use it efficiently? Business Intelligence tools process, interpret and present data from your business processes. They collect and analyze data from customers, competitors, suppliers and stock. This way your company becomes more competitive and smarter. When rough data is being processed to become operationally usable data the term Business Intelligence applies.

A good BI system brings all information together from the ERP and CRM software to real-time usable data, with which you make analysis and adequate decisions.

What are the benefits of BI & Reporting tooling?

  • All information in one place
  • Lower (storage)costs and higher productivity
  • Increase of decision quality
  • Manage changes and changing situations pro-actively.
  • Permanent management towards higher margins
  • Higher customer satisfaction


What to look for when selecting a BI & Reporting tool?

Ensure a good interaction between the BI solution and the ERP and CRM software.
Allign everyone who is involved in the BI project and put what is agreed in writing.
A sound business case is essential to be able to determine the quality of your choice. Adjust this during the project. Circumstances can change during the project.
In the selection phase many promises are made. Make sure to have firm guarantees, thorough questioning, and consult references.
Set realistic requirements for the software
Keep the impact of a BI implementation in mind