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Financial contributions (Grants)?

Innovation expensive? Investments in new solutions can add up, but you’re not alone. Organizations can claim many grants, tax arrangements, credits and funds that align with all phases of an idea or project. These are the most used grants in the Netherlands.

Grants in the Netherlands


Starting a R&D-project? Then lower the costs with R&D tax credit (WBSO). Yearly more than a billion is available for innovative entrepreneurs.


Do you invest in energy efficient techniques or assets? Then you’re entitled to tax benefits via the Energy investment Deduction(EIA). This way you both lower energy costs and receive tax benefits at same time!


The Environment-Investment Deduction (MIA) is a tax arrangement for entrepreneurs who make sustainable investments in environmentally friendly assets, materials, buildings or production processes. The MIA arrangement, depending on the category, is often combined with the VAMIL arrangement(arbitrary amortization of environmental investments). This combination is made often, because in many cases you’re also entitled to the VAMIL arrangement when applying for a MIA arrangement This way you can get extra benefits for the same investment.


Are you an SME entrepreneur conducting a project within one of the top sectors? Then the popular arrangement SME Innovation stimulation Top sectors(MIT-grant) might be something for you. Interesting grants for your innovation project are the MIT feasibility and the MIT R&D Collaboration Projects. We would love to tell you where you can apply for these grants and what requirements you have to meet.


The SDE+ (Stimulation Sustainable Energy Production) focusses on companies and organizations that produce renewable energy through sun, wind, geothermal energy, water and biomass. For example generating energy through solar panels or windmills.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is an ambitious financing program for research and innovation. The most important characteristics are:

  • strengthening the science and technology in the European Union through more investments in highly qualified people and groundbreaking research
  • promotion of the industrial competition capability of the EU and her innovation achievements
  • realization of the strategic priority of the EU, like the climate agreement of Paris and taking on global challenges that influence the quality of our daily life

INTERREG is a grant arrangement for innovative and sustainability projects that strengthen Europe. For example (eco)innovation, environment, transport & mobility, sustainable energy and efficient use of natural resources and materials. The subsidy is also aimed at reducing differences between European regions. That is why INTERREG likes to see collaboration across borders within different European regions INTERREG.


Would you like to conduct a project abroad, invest in a company or conquer the international market? Then you’re entitled to grants from the Feasibility Research and Investment Preparation Research (DHI)!


The European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) is meant to reduce the most important economic differences between regions. In the Netherlands there are also different EFRO programs that make grants available for innovation, development and collaboration. We love to tell you more about this.


Eurostars is one of the most accessible European grants for the SME and has a high success rate. The innovation program is an initiative of EUREKA and the European Commission, where financial support is given through the national government the participating countries. Dutch companies have been very successful with this arrangement. More than 30% of the Dutch applications have been approved and the paperwork is relatively low.

SLIM Arrangement

Grant to stimulate Learning and Development of staff members in the SME.


Strengthening of the economic and social cohesion through beter employment opportunities.


Grant for innovation concerning renewable energy sources.

Innovation box

Do not pay 20-25% corporate tax, but only 5% with the Innovation box.